About Michael Simpson

The artist Michael G. Simpson is a poet, painter, self-taught clothing designer and founder of Writings From Michael — a language of love that uses words and art to inspire positivity and change. Michael began his journey at Pace University in NYC, and during his sophomore year he decided to drop out of college to embark on a new path. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his dream of creating art using his words and his writings. Upon dropping out of college and uprooting his life, Michael felt he lacked the foundation and structure needed to build a substantial and purposeful life. He decided that working at Apple as a full-time specialist would provide that structure, while writing in his spare time would fill his life with intention.

In 2015, Michael stayed true to his creative journey and set his eyes on California — a new environment to explore. Apple transferred his job to Los Angeles, where he continued the evolution of his art. Writing became the vehicle to manifest abundance and love. This was the catalyst to write and self-publish a poetry book called “Intense Pulse,” an ode to his love, his then girlfriend and now wife, Eboni.

Michael took a leap of faith and jumped. He quit his job and started creating full time, with long days in his apartment. The monetary rewards of art did not come immediately and he received more than one eviction notice. Melrose Trading Post provided a much needed outlet for his poetry book and very special one-of-a-kind pieces, with those Sunday sales keeping the process moving forward in the nick of time. Michael put the same thought and intention behind his writing into each one-of-a-kind piece so they would convey with impact, just as if someone were reading a poetry book.

Michael never lost faith, because no matter how tight the situation got, something always came through. It is not surprising that it was also at Melrose Trading Post that Michael’s path was solidified when he ran into Angela Ahrendts, former Apple SVP and Burberry CEO. She was so moved by his art that she set him up with will.i.am to create a special piece.

When Michael visited will.i.am’s studio, he knew that his faith had brought him to where he was supposed to be, on the path to success doing what he loves and spreading positivity. Michael still has that little apartment that he was almost evicted from, but now he uses it as his art studio, staying grounded in the process.

Michael’s art can be seen on murals in multiple locations throughout Southern California and on high-profile clients such as Ariana Grande, Usher, and Social House. He’s also collaborated with brands like NIKE, Yes Theory, Nice Kicks and PacSun and on the Tank album cover.